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6 Essential Running Accessories & Gear

Do you love running? If yes, then you must know that it is a low-gravity activity. You only need to put on your exercise bra, shorts, sneakers and maybe earphones and walk out of that door. However, complications may arise to change the flow of the tune:

  • Your pants or shorts have no pockets to keep key or phone
  • You start to abrade
  • Your shoes are not offering the same comfort anymore

That is where runners’ accessories and gears come in!

Runners should avoid distractions coming from accessories and gears if they want the best out of what they are doing. Always go with moisture-wicking wool cloths, lightweight accessories and technical gears to focus on what really matters. Like quality skillet and sharp chef’s knife making cooking better, the right runners’ accessories and gears will improve the activity.

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There is nothing like bad weather. Preventing weather elements from messing with your training activities means having the right kit and gear to run anytime and anywhere all year round. Functional and high-quality apparel can make a huge difference in how perfect and successful you run. Below is a list of essential gears and accessories you need for a perfect run.

Essential runners’ gear and accessories

Perfect gears and accessories will only give you the extra motivation to get up every day and run. It makes runs safer and more comfortable.

  1. Running shoes

But of course, it all starts with the perfect shoes. Having perfect and fitting shoes is a worthy time investment and the best thing for any regular to a semi-regular runner. If you don’t need shoes to compensate for your flat feet or any postural imbalance, start with a neutral pair of shoes.

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Check for cushion and comfort experience when going for any running shoes to get the best out of the exercise. Best shoes are suitable for any type of run, from tempo runs and day-to-day casual jogs to long runs. You should replace your shoes every 300 miles or when the sole start to wear or tear to avoid injuries.

Speed shoes

Speedwork is one of the best ways to take your daily runs to the best level. Go for a faster pair to benefit from quicker and lighter step turnover. The best shoes for speed races should have a carbon fibre plate that propels your forward movement in every step.

  1. Sports bra
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A fitting sports bra is a second, non-negotiable gear that can get the job done. You can have all-fitting gears on, but if you forget your high-support sports bra, it is worth going back for it. They come in different cup sizes to accommodate almost every runner, and all are suitable for high-impact activities. Some sports bras come with a back pocket ideal for runners who love to jog with their keys or phone.

  1. Shorts

Whether you are classic shorts or bike-shorts type, you will always find a slightly higher waistband an important element to comfort. Other must haves include:

  • Zero wedgies
  • Chafe-free seams
  • Comfortable fabrics
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You can get a pair that fits your budget, from a pair of pocketed bike shorts to no-frills classic pair.

  1. Shirts

Do you run while checking your splits? Consider a shirt with a keyhole for a watch to fit. Go for shirts with a thumb hole to help you keep warm while checking your pace or heart rate. For warmer weather runners, consider a UV protection shirt or a breezy short-sleeved shirt and get surprised how you ever ran in sticky, sweaty concert trees.

  1. Chest strap or headlamp

You should get reflective gear and maybe something shiny like light-up gear if you like night runs. A chest strap or headlamp won’t slow you down, and you can toss a reflective vest on top of any layer.

  1. GPS device
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Keep a log of your runs every day to know your progress and fulfil your goals. There are several ways to do that, like waring a Garmin watch. It is one of the best digital ways to track down your runs in terms of time, pace and distance and more advance; cadence and heart rate.

In a nutshell

With all the above essentials, gears and accessories in your wardrobe, you are covered for all year’s runs. Always stick to fitting, legit and comfortable kits to fulfil the main goal. Be the first to know new and vital running gears and accessories as they pop in the market for successful exercise.

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