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6 Helpful Tips for Living off the Grid

Traditionally, living off the grid meant living without a power connection, telephone, or water. However, advancements today have made off grid living a remarkably rewarding and comfortable lifestyle choice. Essentially a genuine off-grider lives in a home that’s not connected to the power grid for electricity or access to the regional water supply.

With access to wind, solar, hydropower, composting toilets, lighter water storage tanks and wireless and satellite technology for communication, this is becoming a popular lifestyle choice.

If you are considering or have begun your life outside the normal hassle and bassle, we have prepared 6 helpful tips for living off grid.

1. Recycle and Reuse

When living off the grid, recycling is no longer just a matter of separating your plastics from your glass then putting them out for collection. You have to take a new approach and instead of throwing items, ask yourself, ‘How will I put this into some good use?’

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Egg cartons for instance are good seed starters. For instance, if you decide to keep chicken, then you will repeatedly use the same egg carton until it’s impossible to use it again.

2. Farm Your Own Garden

The biggest tip when living off the grid is having a garden. When you are looking for land to buy, have the climate in mind and inquire about the soil type. When you successfully plant a garden and have organic vegetables and fruit, you’ll have enough to feed your family and more left to barter with your neighbors.

Ensure you have some medicinal herbs planted in your garden too, that way you can start tapping into nature’s medicine.

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3. Swap, Give Out and Batter Trade

Off-grid currency can take many forms. During harvest time, use the opportunity to swap your farm’s produce, especially if it’s organic. Sometimes you can trade your goods for others. Other times you just give out what you do not need freely to others who share your lifestyle.

With this kind of lifestyle, one good turn often leads to other people reciprocating the same kindness when you most need it.

4. Network With Other Off-Gridders And The Locals

When you arrive where you will live your off-grid life, it’s crucial that you network with the locals, including other Off-gridders. They know the most reliable tradespeople, best retailing outlets and are the ones you reach out to when you need a solar system. They might even know someone who’s upgrading theirs and can sell you their old one at a cheaper price.

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There’s so much value in networking with locals that you won’t find on the internet.

5. Explore The Environment

Besides what you can create on the ground, you might be surprised to learn what precious gems and stones are hidden underground. Your region just might be known for certain minerals. Be present as you’re digging out your vegetable garden, keep an eye out for the sparkles.

You may be in a region with a high potential that can allow you to create a dam, a man made

lake even. You’ll only find out what your environment holds if you pay attention.

6. Redefine Your Essentials

When you are living off the grid after a big move and transition, suddenly the majority of your prized possessions become quite useless. The Most captivating thing however is how things you once thought might be worthless can suddenly become gems. For instance, you might consider a hand water pump. Yes, solar-powered pumps work great in the sun in the sunny season, but what happens when you’re experiencing some lengthy cloudy periods?

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Living Off Grid Will Change You for the Better

Living off the grid is more fun than many imagine it to be. Enjoy the transition as you morph into becoming as self-sufficient as you possibly can. Choosing to live off the grid is often the best decision many off-gridders have ever made. So, try and take it one step at a time and give yourself the freedom to adjust.


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