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7 Must-Have Biking Accessories and Gears

For some, biking is a lifestyle, a way of
expression, something they have been doing for as long as they can remember. To
an outsider who knows little about cycling, this could look like an obsession,
and to some extent it. There are people who invest their everything in biking;
they buy the best models and all their accessories. If you are that kind of
person, then this article is for.

There are some important must-have tools
and items that every serious cyclist must own; they include the following.


Starting from the top, a bike helmet is a very important
item to have if you use bicycles every day. They are a safety feature that is
mandated in some parts of the world. But the law shouldn’t be the reason you
wear a bike helmet. Bikes are fast, and if you happen to get into an accident,
a helmet will be the only thing standing between you and serious head injuries.
Therefore, invest in a good helmet that matches your head and size.

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Cycling Glasses

Contrary to popular misconception,
cycling glasses are not for show; they are built with the aim of protecting
your eyes against harsh light, wind, and other physical objects that may fly
into your eyes when you are moving at high speeds, risking an accident.

Cycling glasses are unique, they are built using anti-glare material, and they are big and wide to cover as much of the area as possible. When shopping for a pair, find one with a good grip, a good ventilation bridge, and one that can block UV lights. For the best eyewear, visit fetoptics and check out what they have on offer.

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Elbow and Knee Guards

When you fall, it is the elbows and the
knees that make the first contact with the ground, and this can be very brutal.
But when you have elbow and knee guards, most of that
impact will be absorbed, and you’d walk away unscathed. These guards are
usually constructed using hardy material that can handle a huge fall. They have
a hard outer layer that can handle being dragged on asphalt for long distances
on top of having a soft, padded inner layer that is comfortable and lined with
sweat absorbing material that allows the guards to stay on for as long as you
need them.

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Cycling Clothes

Cycling clothes are comfortable and
designed to handle long hours of riding without interfering with the speed of
movement. One of the reasons why professionals race in them is because they
take into account the laws of aerodynamics. They are cushioned on the inside
with absorbent material that stops any sweat from accumulating, giving you the
comfort and the peace of mind to focus more on cycling rather than worry about
mundane issues.

Some clothes come combined, or you can
buy them separately, the top and the shorts.

Water Bottle

You’ll never know how badly you need a
sip of water until you are in the middle of nowhere with no clean water on
site. Having a water bottle strapped to your bike could be the difference
between a blissful ride and a disastrous one. Many bikes have water bottle
holders on their frames where you can position the bottle, sipping at any time
you want without having to stop. Also visit this link to find the best bottled water branding company in case you are looking for the best options online.

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Always go for a big bottle to last you a
long journey. Alternatively, you could buy a hydration pack which you can
carry on a backpack since it is much bigger than an ordinary bicycle water
bottle. The bottom line is, never leave the house without water, no matter how
short the commute may be.

A ToolBox

Imagine the horror of your mountain bike breaking down while you are miles away in a remote area with no human settlement around and no reception. That would scare the life out of anyone. That is why you should always carry a little toolkit with you for such emergencies. Fortunately for cyclists, bikes are not as complicated as cars; they rarely get damaged if you service them well in advance. The toolkit should be lightweight enough to fit inside a bag.

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A Bike Pump

Another vital piece of equipment that you may
want to throw into your backpack or if you are lucky enough to have a bike that
has a holder for it on the frame, carry it along. Flat tires are the most
common issues that pop up when you cycle for too long or if you go for a
long-distance trek. To be on the safe side, pump the bike tires to the maximum
and then carry the pump with you. There are mini hand pumps that are small
enough to first inside a bag without problems.


There are countless other things that a
cyclist has to have on them when they go out for a ride. Most are related to
their safety. Helmet lights, for example, in case they get caught with
darkness. Most of these accessories do not cost too much, and some bike models
even bundle them up as gifts when you purchase. What you should always keep in
mind is that your safety as a cyclist is the priority.

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