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A Guide To Migrating PST Files to Office 365

If you are planning on switching to Office 365, then you probably want to keep your emails with you. Although it may seem like an empty mailbox, you still need your old email. To get your old mail into the new system, we will be using a PST file.


There are various ways to do this, with each having its use case. For instance, you can do it in Outlook, or you can use an import tool. This article talks about both methods of transferring a PST file into Office 365.

Using Outlook to Import PST File

For those who only need to import a couple of boxes, using Outlook self should be sufficient. If you don’t already have a PST file, you can easily create one from your current email.

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The process of importing all the mail from your PST file can take some time, depending on the size of the file. This method is very quick and easy, but only if you need to import a lot of mail. If you have to import a lot of files, then use a migrating tool.

Using Tools for Importing PST File

One of the most expensive ways to import a large amount of mail is through drive shipping. This method can cost you around $2 for every GB of data. However, if you need to import hundreds of boxes, this is a better option.


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If you need to import a lot of mail, then use the free Azure services or the drive shipping option from Microsoft. Both of these options are completely free.

Preparing for PST File Migration

Before you can start importing the mail from your old email into Office 365, you will need to assign the export role to the Global Administration in Exchange Online. Unfortunately, this can take up to 24 hours.


To assign the mail import role to the Exchange Online Global Administration, go to the “Exchange Admin” center. On the left side, click the plus sign and choose the “Organization Management” role. In the next step, you will be able to select the “Export Role” and click “Save.”

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In most cases, it takes around 5 minutes to create a new import job after successfully assigning the export role to the Global Administration. After that, close all of the Microsoft tabs and log in again.

Import the PST File to Office 365

After creating an import job, click the “Start” button and choose “Import to Office 365” from the list. On the next screen, you will be able to click the “Next” button.


Next, you will have the option to filter the data in the PST file by the date and time of the previous mail. You can exclude all the mail that’s in the CC from the list or just pick the data that you want to import. After 30 minutes, the status update will show “In progress.” The great thing about this method is that it doesn’t require you to wait for the job to finish.

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Use a Paid Migration Tool

Some PST file migration tools can help you import the PST file into Office 365. One of these is the tool known as Cloudficient, which is a great tool for creating an import job for Office 365. This tool can give you more control over the process.


Although it is expensive for a single mailbox, this tool is a great tool for those who need to migrate several mailboxes. It can be very time-saving if you need to move around 100 mailboxes. One of the most important features of this tool is its ability to create incremental import jobs.

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You have to start by creating an initial import job for Office 365. This will allow you to start preparing the users for the migration. Then, you can perform a final migration with the last changes on the weekend.

Final Thoughts

This article aims to show you how to import the PST files into Office 365. If you import a lot of mail, make sure to use a good migration tool to make the job easier.


If you are planning on using a different method, make sure to use a small PST file and a test mailbox to test the process. This will allow you to estimate the time it will take to migrate all of your files into Office 365.

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