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Choosing the Right Pool for Your Lifestyle

Pools can improve a person’s way of life. That’s why, when designing a pool for your house, you should think about not only the technical aspects like size, construction material, and filtration system, but also how the pool will fit in with the rest of your home..

To help choose the right pool for your lifestyle, here are some things to consider:

Users and Their Ages

When considering the size of your pool, think about how many people will be using it regularly and what their ages are. A family with young kids will need a larger pool than an empty-nester couple.

It is a good idea to plan on at least 10ft (3m) of water for every person who will be using the pool. The larger the swimming area, the better everyone can avoid crowding or getting in each other’s way. The same holds true for the size of the pool itself – a 15ft x 30ft area is fine for small children, but an adult or teenager would prefer to be able to swim freely without bumping into walls and diving boards. In general, adults prefer a larger swimming area because they can have more room to move around and a “feel of freedom.”

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Purpose of the Pool

What will your pool be used for most often? Do you want swim laps for exercising, or do you want to just have fun splashing around? Maybe you want to teach your children how to swim, or will it be a quiet place where people can relax and unwind by themselves?

If you are planning on having parties or hosting barbecues in your backyard, consider a larger pool that can accommodate large groups of people. Having a poolside bar also adds to the festivities.

A pool is also great for cooling off in the summer heat. Just make sure that you will not regret it when the chilly days of fall and winter come around – which you can achieve with a solar heater. If your poolside bar is busy year-round, don’t forget to invest in a heater to keep up with demand!

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Shape and Design of the Pool

Lifestyle choices also influence the shape of the pool. If you envision your pool as an exercise or training center, choose a rectangular design better suited for swimming laps. If you have a poolside bar, or if children will be using the pool more, then consider a circular design.

Children should also be taken into consideration when choosing the pool shape. Children enjoy splashing and playing in the water; a circular design can accommodate their antics and is much easier to clean than a deep, narrow rectangle. If you have young children who are not yet comfortable swimming by themselves, then opt for a larger rectangular pool with a shallow area for them to play.

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A dedicated pool maintenance service is always a good choice, especially if you can find a reliable maintenance team that charges a reasonable rate. An on-site caretaker or a part-time pool attendant is another option.

Another important consideration in choosing your pool’s size and primary function is how much time you’ll be able to spend maintaining it. If you are busy with work and can only tend to the pool on weekends, a small pool is probably a better choice since there will be less maintenance necessary. On the other hand, if you have enough time each week and spend most of your days dipping, you may want to consider a larger pool and hiring a maintenance service to help with the upkeep.

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There are so many choices when it comes to buying a pool, that it can feel overwhelming. The key is understanding what you’re looking for in your purchase and then finding the right fit.


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