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Complete Guide of Choosing Bathroom Door Locks

Are you searching for the best bathroom door locks for commercial places for better security and safety? Then you are at the right place.

Choosing quality bathroom locks for your commercial places like restrooms, public places, and business is not easy. The hardware that you are choosing for a commercial place door should have a smart functionality with a stylish design, which can provide perfect security, as well as a superb finish to the place.

Considering your door frame quality, your lock, and the security level you need, we will help pick up the right lock to fulfill your needs. So, before making any buying decision, consider these main points other than the types of locks to get the best bathroom door locks for a commercial place.

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What You Should Also Consider While Choosing The Best Bathroom Door Locks?

·      Door Design: If you want to use the bathroom door lock on the door having the pre-drilled holes (OR) on any of the existing doors, then simply measure its hole’s diameter, the door backset, the door thickness, and ensure that the lock trim is covering all the door openings. So, then only measure them properly and choose your lock.

·      Lock’s Quality Grade: The rating which is issued by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) will help you in knowing how strong the bathroom door locks are. The locks come with a grade rating of 1, 2 & 3, depending on its durability and the ability to withstand the attempted forced entry.

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·       Grade 1 deadbolts are highly durable and used for industrial or commercial buildings.

·       Grade 2 deadbolts are seen in everyone’s home and are made with high-quality stainless-steel construction but are not as durable as grade 1-bathroom locks.

·       Grade 3 locks will not provide you as much security to your home as the grade 1 or 2 provides, and these all are less expensive.

Want to know what exactly door locks are and what types are available in the market, along with the tips to buy them. 

We have mentioned these in detail below.

What Bathroom Door Locks Do You Really Need?

These days commercial bathroom door locks feature advanced technology, aesthetics, and functionality, superior to the door locks made just a few years ago. Not only do they look beautiful, but they are also delivering improved security for both commercial and residential places.

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So, to ensure your door locks provide solid security, you need to choose locks that are pick-resistant and bump-proof. Good door locks use mushroom pins or pick shields to prohibit the thieves from using the picking tools to manipulate a door lock’s internal mechanisms and gain entry into any commercial place.

Different Types Of Bathroom Door Locks And Tips To Buy Them

There are a lot of commercial door locks for bathrooms available in the market. So to help you choose the best lock, we have mentioned types of locks and their respective features below.

Mortice Locks

It’s a door lock which is fitted into the edge of a door.

  1. Mortise locks are easily available in deadlock variants, and the deadbolt is then thrown into a keep in the frame via a turn of a key to lock the room’s door.
  2. Its lever handles or knobs on the door’s side, which operates the latch bolt.
  3. The Standard mortise locks are ineffective when fitted to the sliding doors; instead, a lock is needed with either a claw or a hook bolt.
  4. Bolt engages with keep to secure the room’s door in place when it’s locked.
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Rim Locks

  1. These door locks are fitted to the side of a door and are known as rim locks.
  2. They have many shapes, styles, colors, and various security levels.
  3. Rim Locks are divided into two main categories, such as Night latches and Rim Deadlocks.

Nightlatch Locks

Night-latch locks use a larger latch bolt, which automatically engages with the door locks, making it a good commercial usage option. Keep located on the door’s frame when the door is closed. The Night-latches are easily available in various styles to suit the commercial place interior and exterior doors along with fulfilling the security needs.

Deadlocking night-latches operate similarly but with an additional deadlock feature from a key from outside.

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  1. It’s one of the most usable lock types.
  2. The Padlocks are also among the most common locks on the planet you will get.
  3. When we talk about the padlocks, there are two main categories: The combination padlocks and the keyed padlocks.
  4. They come in various sizes and numeric combinations too.
  5. The only type of door lock which doesn’t need to be permanently attached to anything else like a door or wall, etc. to smoothly function.
  6. The combination padlocks need a numerical combination to open, and the keyed padlocks need a key to open.


They are popular for maximum security options and are the most external doors which are pre-drilled for deadbolts, by making the installation easy. When we talk about the deadbolts, two main and popular types are Single Cylinder and Double Cylinder.

  1. Single Cylinder: The deadbolt is very often used on Front doors. Single-cylinder deadbolts are the most popular ones. They have a thumb turn-on from inside and a key cylinder that makes up the outside of the lock.
  2. Double Cylinder deadbolts: They are less popular but more secure than others. However, they need a key to open the door from both inside and outside when it’s locked. Thus better for places where more security is needed.
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Lever Handle Locks

  1. Lever handle locks are most commonly used for commercial applications, specifically for internal doors. It’s extremely rare to see them in residential settings.
  2. An ideal choice for places where handicap accessibility is needed.
  3. The hefty benefit of the lever handle locks is their ease of use. Unlike the Knob Locks, the lever handle door locks are easier to open because of the push style handle. You do not need to grasp and turn them.
  4. If security is a top priority, then you must consider investing in a lever handle door lock.

Commercial Bathroom Lock Options

So, as of now, we have reviewed the different lock types; let’s dive into some of the commercial bathroom lock options.

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Physical Key Lock Options

There are endless keyed lever sets that are currently available in the market. So, you should select a standard lever set, but be sure to look for a grade 1 lockset. Due to the amount of use which the restrooms receive, your lever will break quickly if you try to install anything less than grade 1.

Buzzer Lock Options

The buzzer locks are really a great combination of a remote entry system, a mechanical lock, an electronic latch, and the indicator deadbolt. 

Privacy Indicator Locks

In public restrooms privacy indicator locks are usually used for single door stalls. It can be locked from inside with a single turn or push having the vacant/in-use indicator to show the visitors outside that the stall is occupied.

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Code Locks

The Code Locks are offering you similar functionality. Their main differences are in their appearance and the method of changing the whole code.

Coin Locks

The patrons must use a coin given by store personnel, or a quarter, to gain the proper access to the restroom. The change box should be regularly emptied.

So, any of the lock solutions mentioned above will greatly reduce the vagrancy in your restrooms. You can choose any of them as your commercial bathroom locks.


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