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English Course in New Zealand: Is 4Weeks Enough?

When we only have 4 weeks available, we have to make it work, don’t we? But in order to make the most of this time and really reach the goal, it is important to understand what this time can provide and adjust your expectations.

Some people embark on a four-week exchange while on vacation from work or college and don’t reach their goal. They feel insecure and discouraged with their language, but that depends a lot on their attitude and how realistic their goals for the period are.Remember that the higher the level of knowledge of the language, the more change is perceived. For beginners, immersion, familiarity and that first contact that makes a few simple words in the English language become commonplace, are extremely valuable.

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Four weeks may seem like little if you count time in the classroom, but an exchange is a mega intensive and you have to consider the 24 hours a day when you will be absorbing everything around you. Not to mention that if we compare the number of hours of classes in an exchange that varies from 80 to 100 hours of classes per week, this would be equivalent to almost a year of course in your home country in a course of 2 hours per week.

Notethat the experience is, yes, valid, but some tips are essential for the feeling that the investment of time, money and emotional was really worth it. For you to enjoy and come back with only good memories and a sense of mission accomplished, take a look at these tips about studying English in New Zealand.

  • Adjust your expectations
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Understand what your current level of English language is and keep in mind that an improvement, even if not so significant, is already an improvement,but you can’t leave the begining level and speak fluently in one month. Keep your feet on the ground.

  • Plan your exchange program with time to study

That’s right, if you really want to feel better, you have to dedicate yourself. It’s not just about the hours you’re in the classroom, but doing your homework, trying to read an extra text, watch a movie or even go to class to try that conversation using the new words you learned on the day with the family who is hosting you.

  • Understand that attitude is everything
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You may not say anything, but if you try to communicate, risk a few words, along with gestures and finger pointing, you will not only be understood, you will learn much more easily. The exchange is to take risks.

  • Have fun

Sometimes, those who are very focused on improving their English end up limiting themselves so much to just studying that they forget that the best classroom is outdoors, that is, outside. Want a better classroom than talking to the bartender? Trying to understand the bus driver, sharing your fear with the instructor when it’s time to jump with a parachute? Well, at these times, because you are relaxed and having fun, everything flows naturally and the words used become more and more fixed.

  • Don’t just stick with compatriot
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There are many people who travel and find other compatriotsto be their companions at all times. Nothing wrong with that, as it ends up being easier to deal with a person from the same culture, who likes the same things and, above all, understands what we say. But you can’t lose focus either. The exchange is to immerse yourself, and if you spend 24 hours with a compatriot, you won’t progress even in six months, let alone in four weeks.

  • Make friends from other nationalities

Making friends is always good, but with other nationalities it can bring you many benefits. You’ll get to know a little more about a different country and have someone to visit one day, and when you get back home, you can continue to improve your English through conversations you’ll have with your new mate (colleague).

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If you have determined to study English in New Zealand, you should find the right English school in New Zealand. Go to CatEight School Finder, and you can search for all English schools located in New Zealand to figure out the one that suits you best. Additionally, you can find and compare English language courses to easily find the right one to study.


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