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How To Build A Garden Pod: DIY Guide


Building a garden pod is a great way to add extra space and storage to your outdoor area. Whether you’re looking for a place to potter in the garden, store your tools or just relax, a garden pod is the perfect solution. In this guide we’ll show how you can build your own garden pod with some simple materials and tools – it doesn’t get more DIY than this!

Before You Get Started

If you’re thinking about purchasing one or renting one out instead of building one yourself, check out Vivid Pods.


If you plan on building a permanent structure as part of your outdoor decor, be sure to check if it requires planning permission from local authorities. This will ensure that you are compliant with any laws and regulations set out by the council before you start building.


What You’ll Need

The materials and tools you will need to build a garden pod may vary depending on the size of your project, but here is a list of some essentials:

– Hammer and nails or screws

– Saw

– Level

– Wood/timber (for frame)

– Sheet metal (for roofing)

– Plywood sheets (for walls)

– Masonry drill for wall anchors

– Exterior paint or wood preservative

Building The Frame Of Your Garden Pod

Once you have gathered all your materials and tools, it’s time to start building the frame. If you’re not confident in how to do this, we recommend consulting a professional builder or carpenter to help.

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Start by cutting the timber into the appropriate lengths and angles, then assemble them together using screws and/or nails to form the frame. Make sure that all pieces are firmly attached and that everything is level before moving onto the next step.

Adding The Walls And Roof

Now it’s time to add walls and roofing. Begin by attaching plywood sheets to the frame with screws or nails, making sure they are well secured in place. For added durability, you can also use sheet metal for roofing instead of plywood – just make sure to drill pilot holes for any fittings like screws and bolts before hammering them in place.

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Finally, you can add exterior paint or wood preservative to give the outside of your garden pod some protection from the elements.


And there you have it – how to build a garden pod, DIY style! With these simple steps, you’ll have your own outdoor retreat in no time. Happy building!




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