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Rock in Your Wedding Suit: A Groom’s Guide

The wedding day has already been set, and you’re well on your journey to begin married life, but you can’t shake the notion that you’ve left your appearance until the last minute. You call the stylist desperately to find something unique for the wedding day.

Wedding suits for men have a lot of obsolete and misinterpreted customs regarding styles, designs, and fits. This article will debunk these myths and reveal what a groom needs to rock their wedding outfit.

Suit Style

The internal conflict between being innovative or going classic is fairly prevalent. Playing safe is not always a terrible idea, especially regarding wedding attire. You could always add a bit of individuality to your suit by styling it your way.

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The most important factor to consider is whether or not it complements the event’s overall aesthetic. It may be simpler if your spouse is around to see the process, as she might assist the pattern in a manner that complements their attire and overall concept.

Since a wedding is an important occasion, it is safer to express your individuality via subtle elements, such as monogramming your big date on the jacket’s interior, a colourful lining, or patched pockets rather than wing pockets. These elements make a custom-tailored outfit sparkle without becoming excessive.

Season/ Location

When selecting wedding suits for an Australian spring/summer wedding, there are three primary factors: weight, fabric, and colour. All items must be acceptable for wearing in warmer conditions. Pick lightweight, breathable materials, such as wool or silk mixes, and remember they are breathable.

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Choose a linen suit for a super lightweight and relaxed appearance. And don’t be scared to use seasonal colours that are softer in tone.

Autumn is a perfect opportunity for weddings due to the vibrant foliage, gentle Australian breezes, and the number of suitable possibilities. As the temperature drops, it is advisable to choose a thicker fabric. If you like a genuinely classy appearance, tweed is the best option. If you want to wear a tuxedo in the cold, make sure it is black.


Understanding how long the procedure will take when getting a customised men’s wedding suit is maybe the most crucial factor. In addition to the planning and execution time, a made-to-measure suit will need a succession of fits, measurement-taking sessions, and a final showing. Certainly, you can grab a ready-to-wear choice, but on a day as remarkable as this, a custom-tailored suit is worth it.

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Begin with the big date and work backward to determine when you need to schedule your initial appointment and how often you’ll need to come for fittings. While you may purchase a suit that is designed, made, and sold in Australia, there is a strong possibility that the wool or fabric is sourced from a prestigious atelier in Italy.

Bearing all this in mind, you should give yourself about five to eight weeks between your first consultation and the wedding day, although adding an extra week or two doesn’t harm.

Wrapping Up

While being aware of these guidelines is crucial, the essential thing is to feel confident, comfortable, and yourself. And you may do it most effectively by wearing a suit that reflects your individuality.

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The best course of action is to make a reservation with an expert custom tailor in your city. They will know just what questions to ask and how to advise you in making the greatest pick for your wedding.



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