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Washington Plumbing Continuing Education -Online with RocketCert

Working as a plumber or running a plumbing message in Washington state involves meeting several qualifications and requirements to ensure the safety of both customers and crew. Plumbers in Washington must complete continuing education courses each year to stay up-to-date on the latest changes, standards, laws, and regulations. The plumbing license renewal requires plumbers to complete a minimum of sixteen hours of approved Washington plumbing continuing education courses.

Types of the Continuing Education Courses

Understanding the different types of continuing education courses available to plumbing professionals in Washington is essential. You can find the best fit for your needs by recognizing the different options.

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The most common types of Washington plumbing continuing education courses for plumbers in Washington include:

– Technical Courses – These courses allow plumbers to learn more about new plumbing technology, industry-specific skills, and code updates. These courses often include hands-on training and lectures from experienced instructors.

– Safety Courses – Plumbers in Washington must take safety courses to keep up with the latest regulations and standards. This type of continuing education course covers topics such as ladder safety, accident prevention, and emergency response.

– Business Courses – In addition to technical and safety courses, many plumbers in Washington benefit from taking business-related classes. These courses cover customer service, marketing strategies, and business management.

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– Ethics Courses – Ethics courses focus on the importance of professional integrity and provide a platform for learning about industry standards and best practices. These courses help plumbers maintain their professional reputation and ensure their clients receive the highest quality service.

– Jurisprudence Courses – Jurisprudence courses provide plumbing professionals with an in-depth understanding of the laws, regulations, and ethical considerations related to plumbing. Taking this type of continuing education course can help plumbers stay in compliance with Washington state standards and regulations.

Taking and Passing the Appropriate Plumbing Exam

Whichever cause you take up in pursuit of your plumbing license, an exam is required. Depending on the jurisdiction, you may need to take a Master Plumber Exam or Journeyman Plumber Exam. Washington Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) administers plumbing exams for the state’s plumbers and requires all applicants to complete 6 hours of approved plumbing continuing education before taking the exam.

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In preparing for your plumbing exam, you must be sure that you understand your state’s plumbing codes and standards. The Washington State Plumbing Code contains requirements for plumbing systems’ design, installation, maintenance, and repair. It contains regulations concerning the storage of flammable materials, sizing of gas pipes, disposal of sewage, and more. Make sure you understand the basics of the Washington Plumbing Code and study the subject matter thoroughly.

Where to Enroll and Take your CE

When you need to meet your Washington plumbing continuing education requirements for plumbing in Washington, turn to RocketCert. We offer an easy-to-use online platform to help you find the courses that best meet your needs. With RocketCert, you can search for classes by topic, provider, and location to ensure you find the course that best fits your schedule.

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Let RocketCert help you stay up to date on the latest plumbing trends and industry standards with our comprehensive continuing education courses. With our platform, you can easily track your progress as you work towards meeting your requirements and earning the necessary credits.

How to Renew Your Licence

After getting the right credits, you will need to renew your license every two years. You will need to submit your applications to Washington L&I, including a renewal fee. You will also be required to provide proof of your continuing education credits. Once you have done that, you will be able to keep your license current and be allowed to do plumbing work in Washington.

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Washington plumbers are required to take Washington plumbing continuing education courses and keep up to date on the latest regulations, standards, and best practices. RocketCert’s online platform makes it easy to find and take the right courses for your continuing education requirements. Keep your license current and get the credits you need to stay on top of the plumbing industry.

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