May 25


What You Need to Know Before You Renovate Your Bathroom

It’s always exciting when you’ll be having a renovation project in your home. It’s the joy of turning something you envision into reality. More so, it gives a refreshing feeling to have something new in your home.

One of the projects you may want to start is renovating or remodelling your bathroom. Bathrooms are often overlooked because their functionality is the only thing that matters. Yet, this should not be so. Although a working toilet, shower, and sink may be enough, there’s more to bathrooms than this.

For most people, the bathroom is the first room they go to when they wake up and the last before they go to sleep. It’s either to freshen up for work or clean oneself before going to sleep. With this, you want your bathroom to provide you with a refreshing experience. You can achieve this by upgrading its fixtures (toilets, baths, showers, sinks, etc.) and the overall design with accent items.

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What You Need to Know

Before you embark on this endeavour, there are some crucial things you need to know and factors you need to put some thought into. Here are some of those:

You can still have a magazine-worthy bathroom, even with a tight budget.

One of the things people mistakenly believe is when they have tight budgets, they can no longer have a designer bathroom. However, a tip or hack in making a tight budget work is choosing attention-catching items even in a bathroom’s small details. You can select oversized handles, bold-coloured rugs, a large painting, or hanging lighting. You can find different options and inspirations through Victoria Plum. Even an item as small as the handles can already add drama to your bathroom and move the attention away from items made with low-cost materials. More so, you can also have consistent patterns and designs in colour or shape, so this would be what they’ll notice.

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Achieving a minimal look can be expensive.

People think that because minimalist bathrooms look more simple and have fewer items, they cost lower than other styles. However, these bathrooms do not come cheap. In achieving this look, your investment would now be in the build of the bathroom. Precision is now your focus on the work for your bathroom, and clean, sleek, and precise lines are known to be made of high-quality materials that are expensive.

Your toilet shouldn’t be the first thing you see.

We all know a toilet is far down the list of things we see as pleasant. Placing it on an entrance view can immediately put off the impression of a visitor or even yourself. If you want a bathroom that would feel spa-like, you would like to see something that gives off this vibe immediately.

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You may want to keep the vintage finishes.

Renovating your bathroom doesn’t mean you have to tear the whole place down and make it bare. It can come in small accent items, additional instalments, and such. Some things are better off polished or repainted than replaced like the vintage finishes such as tiles. The cost of replacing or removing this can cause you to go over budget due to labour fees.


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