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Why And How To Learn All Students’ Names

 Humans are given names so that they can be recognised by them. Every person, no matter how common his name is, takes pride in the name that he has. Addressing someone with their name makes things because it instantly makes them realise that they are being valued. It is the same case with students.


Why You Should Memorize Your Students’ Names


Every teacher should make effort to learn their students’ names. Knowing your students’ names aids in the creation of a productive learning environment. Your students will feel recognised and realise that they are important. This increases their concentration and performance in class. Furthermore, it is even more vital to learn the students’ names if you teach using an online teaching app.

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But, it is not as simple as it seems; a teacher teaches a lot of students. So, remembering the names of all the students may be a little difficult. However, even if it appears difficult, there are a few unique techniques to achieve it.


This post will provide several teaching tactics to assist you in memorising the names of all the students that you teach.


How You Can Learn Your Students’ Names


Let Them Introduce Themselves


Ask your students to introduce themselves before they initiate a conversation or talk about anything in the class. This strategy can be used at the beginning of a new session or if you are new in their class. You can ask them to introduce themselves every time they speak to you in class for a few days until you get a hang of it. You will be able to properly learn their names this way. It will also assist the students in remembering each other’s names.

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Let Them Introduce Themselves by One of Their Characteristics


Humans are defined by their characteristics. So, you can ask your students to tell their one characteristic, whether funny, serious or quirky, anything that they would like to share. However, make no assumptions about them. Allowing your students to share one feature about themselves is a terrific idea. When students share it on their own, they will be doing it because it is something they enjoy or are proud of.




This will assist you in recalling their names and qualities easily because psychologically, it has a greater impact on the mind. You may not remember a name at once but you will most likely remember their trait.

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Group Assignments


In an online teaching scenario, when teachers teach online, group assignments are the catalyst that promotes togetherness. Also, for the teachers, it becomes easier to remember names when students are divided into groups.


Call Them By Their Names


Call them by their names as you interact with them while teaching. You will be able to memorise their names if you continuously repeat their names. If you accidentally address them by the wrong name, simply apologise and address them properly.


Let Them Mention Their Names and Photos While Submitting Assignments


Assignments are a necessary part of the learning process. It allows students to practise their learning while also allowing you to assess their progress. But, as a teacher, you can utilise it to memorise your students’ names.

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You can advise them to paste or add a picture of themselves on the front page of their homework or the PDF file/PPT etc. so that you can recognise them.


Wrapping Up


It is completely ok for a teacher to try all the ways mentioned above to remember their students; names, what is not ok is not putting in the effort to do so. Students will be more attentive in class when you take their names to ask questions or address them in the class. Hence, to provide the best learning experience to the students, a teacher must put in the effort

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