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5 anime series you need to watch in 2022

Anime has shown the best releases in the last year hitting many records. However, this year they have improved even more in terms of both quality, content, and animation. 2022 has an even more anticipated hype of brand new sequels from the releases of previous years and the fans are impatient to get their eyes on the episodes.

The animes that are going to be released this year have an exciting suspicion up their sleeves. They are said to be hitting the screens on a number higher than ever before. There is a lot to expect from the anime coming out this year. The last two years had been caught having passed under lockdowns due to the pandemic. Hence, people had a lot of time in their houses for entertainment. Under this situation, what can be better other than watching your favorite anime shows on the go? The speed at which these anime shows have been released has also increased substantially and it goes at the same flow in comics and other projects.

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The United States of America has seen a massive hype in the anime sector and being from that area you cannot get luckier. Do not waste time getting access to streaming services by consulting a cable provider or someone related. Because the applications with subscriptions available give you access to a limited amount of content and you have to keep paying more to get the rest.

Most service providers give you access to Japanese channels where you are bound to watch the show in Japanese not even having English subtitles so that becomes a huge mess. There are top names like Xfinity which offers Funimation with on-demand features available with TV meanwhile and with Xfinity Packages you can get anime for free. You can find out if the desired show is available to stream or the options of anime that you have. If you can get confirmed access to the anime, you can watch them hours later when they get released. And that too only because of the time difference between the two countries.

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Funimation and similar streaming channels provide you with a great variety of features. One of which is the Simulcast, where you get to watch the anime right at the time it gets released on the Japanese channels. People from different countries can avail this feature due to its flexibility. However, when you are not a learner of the Japanese language, you will have to keep up with the English subtitles hence, disengaging your experience in the show. Funimation also offers SimulDub, where you can watch the shows on the same day they get released but you have to compromise on Japanese because they are featured in English. That too is an exciting experience for some viewers.

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Following are the top 5 most hyped anime to release this year:

  1. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Dragon Ball Z excites its fans just by the name. This is one of the most anticipated releases for this year because of its large fan base. Dragon Ball Z has always brought content up to the expectations of its audience. This is a must-watch anime if you are a fan, but you will have to watch all the previous sagas and movies if you are new to this.

Date of release: 22nd April concerning Japan’s time zone.

  1. Spy x Family:

Originated from a manga, two different studios have created this as a combined outcome of romance, action, and comedy. This is also a must-watch anime that the fans have been impatiently waiting for to get a relaxing experience. It shows the adventures of a fake family who have done a lot for their enjoyment, taking risks and keeping all else at stake.

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Date of release: April, concerning Japan’s time zone.

  1. The rising of the shield hero: Season 2

This show has been a hit in the first season. The second one which was supposed to be launched last year could not make it in time and is now finally going to get revealed. The main character is shown spotlight fighting various challenges and taking on villains from different worlds. This show is sure to boost up your anime experience.

Date of release: April, concerning Japan’s time zone.

  1. Overlord: Season 4

In this season, the main character Ains Ooal Gown is shown to control the world with mischiefs and dark powers which along with his partner he does not stop from evil deeds. This season is sure to get you to scream and get frightened watching the scary evils done.

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Date of release: TBA 2022, concerning Japan’s time zone.

  1. Made in Abyss: The golden city of the scorching sun

This series has a cult fan following. It has been made into a movie, season, as well as a game is being prepared to launch on it having various surprises. The anime has not been heard to have such unique surprises however it still is depicted to come under one of the most anticipated releases and has better sequels than ever before.

Date of release: TBA 2022, concerning Japan’s time zone.



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