November 17


5 Unexpected Ways To Level Up Your Street Style

Street style is all about defying expectations. This robust fashion culture was born not from the runways of long-standing fashion houses, but from the sidewalks outside the show, where individuality reigns supreme. Whether you’re a seasoned street style fan or simply want to add some of this fashion subculture to your everyday wardrobe, the keys are variety and surprise. Here are five unexpected ways to have fun with your look by adding street style touches.

1. A Glasses Wardrobe

Collecting bags is an established fashion pastime, and a stacked shoe closet is always a plus when planning outfits. To elevate your accessory game, don’t stop there. Many street style ensembles aren’t complete without a pair of stylish designer frames. This can mean oversized sunglasses, a dramatic cat eye, or modern frames that encapsulate an era of fashion. Neutral options and bold colors both have a place in a well-stocked glasses wardrobe. If you need prescription glasses for your eyesight, designer frames allow you to incorporate them, rather than choosing between fashion and function.

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2. Eye-Catching Headwear

Hats and headpieces add irreplaceable height to your street style. Which hat should you choose? According to Vogue, fun costume choices such as bunny ears and cowboy hats are the latest street style trends.

It’s not enough to rely on one of these unique pieces, however. Incorporate the headgear into the overall look, or else you’ll risk the choice looking random instead of stylish.

Bunny ears coordinate well with faux fur, puffed sleeves, and other overtly feminine touches. Cowboy hats benefit from fringe, tie dye, leather and other fabrics that would be right at home on style trailblazer Lil Nas X.

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3. Style for Your Bike

If you don’t plan on wearing oversized bunny ears any time soon, you can still pump up your street style with an overlooked accessory: your bike. With gas prices rising, many people in cities and suburbs alike are turning to two wheels to get around.

This means the market for bike accessories and styles has never been broader. New bikes incorporate pastels and multi-tone color schemes to match your overall wardrobe’s look. From there, customize with baskets and attachable bike bags. This not only ups the style factor of your bike, but it also makes the bike more functional for daily errands. You can even buy custom bike bells for an extra dash of personality. Add an LED light show to your bike’s wheels for safety on night rides.

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4. Fearless Layering

Former fashion dont’s are the heart and soul of street style. Socks and sandals are no longer for the fashion-challenged; instead, they’re the cornerstone of a playful and ironic 1990s-inspired look.

Pants worn underneath a skirt give an androgynous effect that’s extremely on-trend. You can even layer bags inside of clear bags or multiple jackets to get the most out of your wardrobe. Don’t let conventional limits curtail your layering creativity.

5. Details Worth the Tassel

Street style goes beyond the restrained looks of the world’s runways. For an individual flair, invest in details that add character and texture to your outfit.

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Here are three of the hottest detail trends to inspire you:

  1. Tassels are at the center of the boho revival in street style. They evoke a bygone era and also give movement and impact. Tassels can include the line of fringe seen on many cowboy jackets as well as smaller, individual tassels that add whimsy.
  2. Cutouts always make a statement. Bare midriffs are a street style staple, especially if they’re paired with an unorthodox fabric like sweater knit or moto jacket leather.
  3. Metallic accessories add visual dimension to a look. Ultra-shiny bags and shoes increase visual interest and add a sense of irreverent fun that makes for the best street style.
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Street style is a bold look that tells the world at a glance what you’re about. For maximum creativity, look outside of handbags and scarves. Unexpected accents are an opportunity to take your look to new heights.


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