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Everything You Should Know About Cocktail Rings

What’s the first image you get hearing about a cocktail? Carnival of colors, feast of flavors, joy of a party in a good company, burst of positive emotions and freedom of choice. How can it all fit in a glass of drink? What if I tell you it can fit in one ring? A cocktail ring unites the both things most women enjoy: flashy cocktails and jewelry. Let’s find out the most basic things about cocktail rings!

    What’s a cocktail ring? Talking about America of the early 1920’s we picture black and white images flashing on a screen of an old TV. Cocktail rings were among the things that brought color to the life of women of Prohibition Era along with restricted alcohol cocktails and bright cosmetics. The most popular women’s cocktail rings of that time were the ones made in gold or platinum with big perceptible center gemstone, most often emerald, ruby or sapphire, framed around with smaller ones, preferably diamonds. They were meant to scream about their owner and proclaim her a rebel with style, ready to lead the party. Nowadays the choice of forms, sizes, materials, shapes and prices for women’s cocktail rings are far more wide and diverse.

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How and where to wear a cocktail ring? Originally women’s cocktail rings were worn on the right hand as the obvious sign of independence and wealth of a woman. Ring finger or middle finger was the best place for the jewelry. But today’s fashion states that every option possible is acceptable. You are free to choose an index finger or pinky, or wear a cocktail ring per every finger. A cocktail ring is obviously the best option to wear during a cocktail party but also a great jewelry choice for dinner in a restaurant. Casual clothes or everyday look? Why not! Today there are no restrictions on where it is appropriate to wear a cocktail ring.

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However, there are some conservative controversial tips on how to wear a cocktail ring. It is believed a cocktail ring shouldn’t be worn together with an engagement ring, as it was originally a symbol of a strong and independent woman who can afford to buy jewelry just to treat herself and doesn’t need to wait for a present from somebody on a special occasion. Among other fashion advices you can find the one about “only one cocktail ring on a hand”. It comes from a belief that it has to be the center of attention. But it depends on you. If you strongly desire to make a certain cocktail ring the center of your look, other jewelry, e.g. bracelets or earrings are recommended to be simple and elegant, hardly visible. The metal of other jewelry is recommended to match the metal of the cocktail ring. It’s better to exclude brooches, pendants, necklace or other jewelry with massive stones. Another advice is not to wear a cocktail ring with a short dress as it already is a strong image accent. There are also styles that “like” certain types of cocktail rings. For example, boho chic prefers ethnic or natural and floral accents in women’s cocktail rings. Everyday casual looks go better with massive but minimalistic style rings with straight lines and plain colors. ‘Business lady’ style looks good with single expensive-looking, preferably diamond cocktail ring. A cocktail ring is also the right jewelry to change your casual look to an evening look in an instant, especially if you add a bright colored lipstick.

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But as one of the symbols of rebellion it neglects all the rules and dictates its own rule – freedom in every choice! Besides, we live in a world where every day there’s a new idea one may want to stand for or against. An appropriate cocktail ring becomes a bright and shiny exclamation mark to every statement it’s owner is ready to make.

    Why buy a cocktail ring? If the matter of fashion and beauty is not convincing enough for you, there are some other reasons to get yourself a cocktail ring. First and most obvious one is its price. Diamond cocktail rings make a perfect investment. It demonstrates the wealth and status of a person wearing it. It can become an heirloom with great history or a perfect gift. And finally, the famous statement: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” should be carved deeply in every girl’s mind! Is it not a good enough reason to treat yourself to some diamonds?

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How to maintain a diamond cocktail ring? A cocktail ring can tell a lot about its owner, but you want it to talk only good, right? That’s why you should treat it right. Good and expensive jewelry likes to be treated with care and love. How often should you clean your diamond ring to keep it shiny as new? What is the best way to clean it? Is it possible to clean this jewelry at home or is it better to take it to a jeweler? What are the main “musts” and “don’ts” in maintaining such jewelry?

We should take into account external factors that may worsen the shine of your diamonds, make them dull and hazy or damage the ring. Every day our hands contact a great amount of surfaces and substances. If the ring is massive enough it will most likely catch on fabrics from time to time. You can never tell where or when you can get mechanical damage from a ring… So, should you take it off and put it away in a jewelry box? Surely not!

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Let’s proceed from seemingly the most complicated steps to the simplest. If you care about your diamond cocktail ring and want it to be safe you should get insurance on it. It is recommended to take your diamond jewelry to a jeweler at least every six months. You can clean it at home once a month and it should be enough to keep it nice and shiny.

And now we can get into details. Everything you touch throughout a day can leave a trace as on the stone itself and between the prongs around it. The grime can gather little by little not visible at first sight, but making your jewelry dull after a while. You can easily handle it on your own using only warm water, soap and soft brush. Once a month is enough for you ring to remain a star of every party. But it is definitely recommended to take it to a jeweler once at least six months. Not only for cleaning but for an inspection. A good specialist may notice problems you don’t. He can see tiny cracks or damages, clean the spots you can’t reach with special tools and cleaning solutions, he can give some advices on how to maintain your jewelry according to its current state.

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There are also some “don’ts” you have to remember to keep your ring safe. Don’t use harsh chemicals, bleaches, chlorine or acetone products on your diamond ring. Diamonds are enduring, but you have to remember about the metal parts of your ring too. Don’t let the abrasives damage them. Extreme temperature change is also not a very good idea to try on your ring. If you’re willing to warm your hands in hot water after a long walk on a cold snowy winter day, or if you’re cooking delicious meal over a hot oven and decide to get some ice out of a fridge to add to your lemonade and take a break, it’s wise to do it without your ring on. Diamonds and other gemstones can crack because of extreme temperature changes.

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To sum it up, everything you should know about women’s cocktail rings:

What’s a cocktail ring? It’s the right accent of your look and the most extravagant and flashy jewelry making you the center of every party.

How and where to wear a cocktail ring? Let your mood decide! A cocktail ring is welcome with every look in any place.

Why buy a cocktail ring? No matter what the reason for a purchase is, it’s always a good idea to treat yourself or a person dear to you to some good jewelry.

How to maintain a diamond cocktail ring? With care, love and a bit of soap. Leave the rest to a specialist.

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And the most important thing you should know about a cocktail ring is it likes rebellious and bold people and the colors it brings to your look and life is definitely worth leaving your comfort zone!


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