June 17


Online Slots Strategy: Do Big Bets Still Help You Win More?

If you’re a slots player who thinks that big bets can get you the jackpots, then you may be in for a disappointment. Unless your likelihood of winning is higher with bigger bets, taking chances with little money may not work in your favour. To read more about strategies, you can visit https://www.bestcasinosindia.com/mobile-casino-apps/


You see, pure chance plays a major role in slot games such as those seen at the old-fashioned pub or casino slot machines. The strategy of betting big and betting often does not help make your chances of winning any greater than any other method. Here is how big bets help you win more:

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  1. The jackpots are smaller.

In slots, there are several strategies you can use to increase your winnings. These include playing with larger bets, playing more coins and betting more often. However, there are limits to the prizes on offer and these limits are determined by pub owners and casinos. This means that while you may be tempted to bet big in the hope of winning more money and jackpots, this is not necessarily the case because as slots players, you’re still likely to lose money even with large bets because the amount of money you lose could be higher than the size of your winnings if you win.

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  1. You need a bigger bankroll for big bets.

The big bets that you make on slots may not be too attractive to the game’s owners because they have to pay more fees than if a smaller bet is made. This means that if you’re gambling with chips, you won’t be able to bet big every time.


  1. You spend more money to win big.

If you have a relatively large bankroll, then you’re likely to gamble bigger than more financially challenged players who don’t have a large amount at stake when they play slots. But this has the opposite effect on your chances of winning coins or bigger prizes because it increases your chances of losing your bankroll and hence, diminishing your wins.

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  1. You’re more likely to lose.

 The desire to win big may tempt you to bet big on slot machines but your chances of winning remain low because even though there are limits, gambling establishments realise that you’re unlikely to get the jackpots offered. So it is time for you to understand that when you bet big, this is not necessarily a way in which you can increase your winnings because even if it does, then it will do so at the expense of potentially losing more than what you earn.



So based on the limited evidence that is present on casino slots, it can be said that there are certain things to consider when betting big in these games. However, taking tiny bets may not give you an extra edge because even with a large bet, there are chances of losing given the limitations placed on your wins.

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Thus, if you’re willing to gamble bigger with a higher risk of losing your money and bankrolls, then progress will be made. But if you have less at stake and you’re gambling more often, then the money you get is likely to go further in your pockets than it would if you played small bets and made many small wins.



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