September 22


Things To Consider When Buying Bath Products For Your Baby

Bath times are a great way for parents to bond with their newborns. The right baby bath products will make the whole bonding experience even better. However, buying the right bath products for the growing child can be a hectic task considering the significant market for baby products in the US. As newbie parents, finding the right stuff for the baby is important and settling for a mediocre product is just out of the question. But parents don’t have to worry about that anymore! This article highlights some of the important things to look into when choosing baby bath products:

  • Learn how to read the labels carefully and look up all the ingredients online to see their downsides, possible toxic compounds and whether they are allergic to the baby’s sensitive skin. Don’t be swayed by the pretty packaging and unintelligible ingredients. Some products may even claim to be the best, so don’t just take their word for it. The best products are the ones that are made up of ingredients that are as close to natural as possible. Avoid all toxic chemical compounds like parabens and sulphates, with a good pH balance and free of preservatives.
  • It might be a good idea to take the baby to a paediatrician or a kids dermatologist and get recommendations on what products to use. Products that dermatologists and doctors approve are safe to use. Natural products are free of allergens; when trying out a new bath product, look them up and see whether they were tested for allergies. Understand that a baby’s skin is susceptible, and they may not be tolerant to many chemicals in bath products available in the US market.
  • Products that claim to be natural should be thoroughly checked out. Make sure they don’t have preservatives, petroleum compounds and chemical byproducts.
  • Go online on the product website and see what other parents say about the same product. Check the reviews, look through all the feedback and read up on all the issues a product has. If the product has more than a few complaints, it’s better to skip it entirely.
  • Products with artificial fragrances can smell wonderful, but they won’t be safe to use on a baby’s sensitive skin. Synthetic fragrances mask the smell of chemicals in a baby product which will cause respiratory issues or allergies to sensitive areas. Go for products that have negligible fragrances.
  • Quality products are always on the pricier side, and there’s nothing that can change that. Don’t compromise quality for cheaper products made of chemicals that are not adequately tested and may be too intense for a baby’s skin. Best products are pricier but way more reliable and safer too. That said, don’t buy all the products in bulk and spend time with them. Buy a new one only after the old one is done with and if the products are listed at a discount, check the date of manufacturing and the expiry before buying.
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Always monitor the bath’s water temperature and keep it at an average but slightly warm. Avoid toys in the bath and only bring them in when the baby has reached the proper age. Never leave the baby alone in the bath, not even for a few minutes. Bring the baby along if there’s something to be done in the nearest room. Also, ensure that the hand shower, water spouts and pipes stay away from where the baby takes a bath. An accidental bump can cause a lot of pain.



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