November 4


Develop These Habits to Get More Google Reviews for Your Dental Practice

Dental practices relied on word-of-mouth and print media to advertise themselves a few years ago. Even though these tools are still helpful, they have created room for better ones that help get online reviews. More than 70% of customers start with online searches when choosing a practice for the first time. More than 90% of these people trust online reviews to make buying decisions. Therefore, online reviews play a critical and valuable part of their decision-making process. Building your reputation and providing a positive first impression through encouraging online reviews is crucial. So, how do you get more Google reviews for your dental practice? Here are the habits you should follow.

  • Have a Google My Business Profile
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Creating a Google My Business profile is a crucial thing you need to get more Google reviews. Google gives you a chance to create a profile that includes details like location, website, address, pictures, etc. Once you have the profile, Google will make it public so that you can start getting reviews. An excellent way to make the process easy during online marketing is using a dental marketing agency in the US. The experts have the right tools to implement this strategy to ensure you are getting noticed.

  • Automate Requests

Automating requests is a good way of making it easy to get reviews after giving the services. Instead of sending one text after another, you can automate the process so that the customer receives the message the moment they interact with you. Automation eliminates errors and ensures you don’t miss any clients.

  • Send Requests via Text
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Sending text messages requesting reviews is a traditional, but valuable, method of garnering reviews. It will be excellent to send a text to your client after serving them, asking for a review after the appointment. You don’t need to complicate it. Just make the request and include the review link to Google. However, make sure you have communication software to make this work.

  • Provide the Best Services

Many people leave reviews even before you ask them to. Therefore, encourage them to do so by giving them the best services. Make sure you follow up through robust communication. If satisfied, they will be more than willing to leave a review.

  • Monitor Online Reviews
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Reviews will only be helpful if they are positive and praise you for your excellent work. If a patient is unsatisfied, they are likely to leave a negative review that can affect your reputation. Therefore, monitoring your online reviews and rating is vital to know how you are performing. You can quickly notice when there is a downward curve on your rating and find out the reason why.

  • Engage Your Reviewers

Reviewers appreciate practices that respond to their reviews. Therefore, whether a positive or negative review, respond professionally. A negative review can be a blessing in disguise as long as you know how to handle them. If you think a negative review is from someone you have never served, the Google administration can help you with that.

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These are simple habits you should follow to get more Google reviews. Remember, reviews are a vital part of your marketing, increasing your credibility. A dental marketing agency will help you set up a profile and monitor your reviews to ensure you have an excellent online reputation.



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