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How To Choose The Right Cat Breeds For You

When you begin thinking about getting a feline, you might be in a rush to do it as soon as possible. I can undeniably understand that. After all, who wants to wait to introduce one of these cute little animals to the rest of their family and their friends, and to have the animal brighten up the place? These animals can really turn out to be little rays of sunshine, although that does depend on the breed that you’ll choose.

Here are some quite popular ones to consider:

The very fact that different breeds will behave, well, differently, means that you shouldn’t rush into making any decisions here. Instead of making hasty choices, you should take some time to consider some important factors that should play a role in your actual decision on which cat to bring home. We have made it clear that the choice of breed matters and I assume that you want to find a feline that will be perfect for you, which is why you need to do some research beforehand.

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There is a chance, however, that you might not know exactly how to do the mentioned research. To put it differently, you might not know precisely which factors you will need to take into consideration when trying to make this specific choice and that is exactly where I come in. In short, I will give you some tips and thus put you on the right track by telling you precisely what it is that you need to keep in mind and check when choosing the best cat for you.

Consider Their Size

First things first, you should consider the size of the animal. Now, while it is true that cats are generally smaller animals, you should know that there are actually some rather large breeds. If that is not your cup of tea, then you will need to search for medium or small sized felines. Yet, if you do prefer those larger ones, then you should find out about the largest domesticated breeds and choose one of those for you. If, however, size doesn’t matter to you at all, then you’ll have to use some other choosing criteria.

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Consider Your Living Situation

One of the things that you’ll absolutely need to consider is your living situation. Do you live in an apartment, or do you have a large home with a big yard? And, if you live in an apartment, is it actually big enough for a cat? Sure, felines are smaller than, say, dogs, but the truth is that some of them won’t really enjoy spending time in tiny apartments, meaning that certain breeds are suitable only for those homes with huge yards. There are, however, certain breeds that will enjoy apartments, meaning that you’ll be able to find the right fit for you, just as long as you consider your living situation and do the necessary research.

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Think About How Active You Are

Now, here is a criterion that people usually have in mind when choosing dogs. Yet, for some reason, they deem it irrelevant when choosing cats, which is a huge mistake. Some felines require more activity than others, so if you are more of a couch potato, you shouldn’t choose those highly active breeds. Instead, you should go for those who prefer cuddling and sleeping. This works the other way around too, so if you are active, make sure to choose an active pet.

Check Their Social Skills

Not every feline will have good social skills, which can cause some troubles if you have kids, for example. This is why you should always get as much information as possible about the breeds you are considering and check their social skills among other things, with the aim of determining whether they will get along well with your kids and your visitors or not. Most people prefer to get cats that are quite social and that love other people, but you should keep in mind that some breeds can be quite uncomfortable around strangers and you shouldn’t get those if you don’t know how to handle their lack of social skills.

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Check Their Health As Well

It is also extremely important for you to check the health of the animals you are thinking of getting, because you want to know what it is that you should pay attention to when you bring them home. Information about their health will also help you feed them the right way. There are some rather healthy cat breeds out there that won’t require much care and worry, but there are also some that are prone to certain diseases and you need to be aware of that in order to keep them in good shape. I assume you do understand why getting information on the health of certain breeds is quite significant.

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Check If They’ll Get Along With Your Other Animals

I have mentioned above that you need to check the social skills of particular felines, but you might have come to the conclusion that those skills are only important in regards to other human beings. That, however, is a wrong conclusion. If you have other animals, i.e. other pets, you need to be sure that they will all get along well, which is why you shouldn’t bring a cat that hates other animals into the family. There are some amazing breeds that love spending time with other animals, including dogs, so make sure to check this before making your choice.

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